# 24 || infinities stretch out from infinities within ( and i'm a part of everything )

Maybe the ability to remember every word of wisdom that you swore you'd never forget, would be a curse over a quality. It makes for a million more moments of enlightenment, along with a touch of shame and self-directed reproach. I believe the latter is just as important as the former, because you never want to lose sight of all the perspective you've spent so long living for. I wonder if courage, too, could ever be a constant, or if that too is another ingredient in the concoction for humility. Perhaps apprehension and timidity exists to keep us in balance, before pride and the wrong kind of self-assurance outweigh what used to matter most.

They say humiliation is essential in etching something to your memory forever, but I think the most important things are the hardest to hold on to. Everything for a reason -- I forget that, always, all the time. I remember now, too, for a moment, that love and all its details are completely and utterly open to interpretation. And words are whatever you want them to be. When arranged side by side in a zillion different ways, they can mean everything and nothing.   

So, this is my neverending stroll on the path towards something superstarry.  I'll be a ghost, I'll be a dreamgirl, I'll be a child, I'll be a lazy Friday or a manic Sunday. You too can be whatever you would like, but do luxuriate in the fact that you have that choice to be ______x______ today and ______o______ tomorrow but don't indulge in the thought you have an eternity to transform your reality. Take fairysteps if you like, but be(gin) posthaste.

( some super blurry polas from today's adventure at Hanging Rock, taken by my friend Andrew -- more to come!)