# 22 || LA MER A L'ENVERS / the sea upside down

  Matilda by alt-J

Tell me when you see a stranger smile to themselves, that your heart doesn't catch on fire for a moment. Tell me when somebody doesn't write back for no reason at all, that your heart doesn't shatter into a million little pieces for a minute or more. Significance can be over or underestimated, but oh I urge you to seek a happy medium (emphasis on the happy !) and keep it in your heart for as long as you can, you won't regret it, I swear. When all turns to shambles I take that Johnny Flynn breath and zoom out until I'm in the sky and can see that everything is happening as it must. You're a fairytale character in a foreign film and that space you think you're taking up is all yours to play with. At ease, soldier - you're in the right place at the right time, always.

Feed the magic moment and let it grow until you burst -- an explosion of glitter and dust.

( you is you,
and you is me
and you is anyone
who needs an
open heart &
an empathetic ear )

-- while I write to remember and I write to repress, I also write to rewind and for yestermoment's version of myself to remind me that it's a gift to be alive. Even though sometimes it feels like a cross to carry, (but only sometimes).

"Just like Johnny Flynn said,
the breath I've taken and
the one I must to go on."  
-- ∆