# 33 || it's you & me, amplified

I can't quite describe my affinity, fascination and curiosity for life and the billions of other living souls who exist in harmony with me every single day. While it isn't always written all over my face, it is written all over my fingertips and the forefront of my mind as I move from place to place. Do you too, feel the indescribable (and inevitable) connection with others? I want to stand on top of the world and set it on fire while I scream, "Dear universe, I know how you feel, and I care from the deepest darkest bottom of my fucking heart! Love, Afifa."

Monotony is a wicked figment of your imagination, so employ your mind to keep dreaming while you're half-awake, and remember what you're lucky enough to love. Despair is a temptation that I am forever too proud to admit that I surrender to, every other hour it seems. Intention is everything, keep it pure white gold and earn respect despite anything and everything. Love what you love and be judgemental. Keep your time precious for those who you believe deserve your love and your understanding. Curb your expectations and convert them into ambition, but above all don't forget for a moment that your life is a storybook worth sharing.

My hands and heart shake with tiny tremors from the imminent earthquake of excitement that the coming years will contain, I just know it. When I forget for a minute how much promise prevails in every second, when I start to get squirrelly, I listen to some of these songs. I hope you love them as much as I do. (PS. The title of my novel-on-the-horizon is hidden somewhere in this playlist below, hip hip hooray!)

With so much love,
A. xo