# 45 || to do list : fly to the moon

I'll never understand why it's always so easy to forget and all too difficult to remember the most important things. I could walk around chanting the golden rule to the beat of my heart forever and I would probably still misplace that memory amid a thousand other trivialities that my mind prioritises against my will. Imagine if we could all sympathise with each other - imagine if there were no misunderstandings. Imagine if you could say everything you've ever wanted to say with no negative repercussions. I love you, I need you ( so much closer ), I miss you like crazy, I hate you ( don't leave me ), go away, get real lost & don't ever come back ! Late nights driving with the sky just above our imaginations, I know this is the best part of growing up. Childlike whims combined with the infinite possibility and the adult means to be anything and everything - I wouldn't have it any other way. If I could stretch this summer to last forever, I would without thinking.

Lately, I've been pondering the concept of transience vs. permanence and what goes on behind the scenes to make either contrary take place. Months turn in to weeks, which turn into days, then afternoons, then nothing.  I pinky swear, this is platonique and permanent. In the end, perhaps you need to weigh up the infinities. One hand holds an everlasting memory - beautiful and bittersweet, of better times and fairytale nights. The other hand holds something transitory - it might break your heart, it might kill you, but there lies the wretched cliché: is it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? The bad news :: nothing lasts forever, the good news is :: nothing lasts forever.

Thank you, Dieu, for this gorgeous summer. 

Love, A x

images by Emma Matsuda