# 44 || "Come quickly, I am drinking the stars !"

I have always thought January rolled off the tongue - it seems to promise everything, it is full of life. I don’t know when I fell head over heels in love with fresh starts, but whether it is a new week or a new month or a new season, it’s never too late to make the intention to better yourself, to improve, and become everything you’ve ever wanted. Perhaps the January is almost too simple - the glitter in the air lingers for a few weeks, and everything seems all shiny bright and new. But I don’t think anything is as deliciously challenging as a deep breath and the courage to move blind through the shadow of uncertainty. It all happened so fast. Somehow, somewhere, sometime a short while ago, I lost whoever I was en route to becoming and something not quite like a haze or a fire wrapped itself around the monochrome matter of my brain and convinced me otherwise of everything that was once-upon-a-time important to me. 

But au revoir monster, go away and don’t ever come back. I am here and this is now and sometimes I think the only thing that ever matters is being able to slip your feet out of your own and into somebody else’s shoes. Chère moi, for however hard it is to forget your own frustration and remember the blood pumping through the hearts and minds of other people, I implore you to breathe. Love forever, A. x