# 28 || chère soi-même,

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(wandering through Central Park, in Septembre this year)

If I accomplish nothing else in the next year other than the reality of a suitcase and a girl hand-in-hand on another adventure all around the world, then that's okay. I can't deny the reality that every single year I blossom like the flowerfille I strive to be. So, I won't illustrate 2012 as a disappointment, but rather it has been a start and I have unabashed high hopes for 2013 and beyond. The act of merely existing, is a feat with insufficient recognition and I think we're all doing a really wonderful job. You plummet and you fly, and sometimes the two don't balance out. Sometimes they won't for weeks. I can't forget that, and that is why I damn the whole concept of staying present. Because often when I do, I feel only the ache of nostalgia and forget how beautiful everything was and will be. If I close my eyes, everything is as perfect as I can imagine it.   

This year I dragged my suitcase through eleven countries, got promoted, tripped in love for the first time, went to New York City, drove on the right side of the road, ate McDonald's in the Louvre, and made/kept some of the best friends a girl could dream for.  So, despite my slight aversion to the "you know who you are" additions at the end of some personal paragraphs, I believe that the people, of all ages and all places around the world, who have made this year more special than I ever could have imagined, know who they are and why I love them to the complete capacity of my heart. Thank you so very much. xo