# 15 || l'essential est invisible pour les yeux

(I'm in-between the headspaces at the minute, and while searching -- for tidbits and scraps and words I didn't want to discard but knew I would need later -- I found this little passage and thought I'd pop it here, just so I don't lose my writing rhythm. Stay tuned for upcoming dreams-come-true, I've got something magic in store ...) 

"Once upon a time doesn't always fit - but here it does, because although this isn't a fairy-tale, it is a legend and an eternal memoir for the children we were and always will be. A relentless timepiece will watch us grow into the grown-ups some will consider us, while we persist in being the youth of prior generations. The concept of all the "mis"-es - mis-understanding, mis-communication, mis-interpretation - may forever frustrate myself along with many others, and the lack of some curiosity astounds me. As an idealist I believe in a progressive future that defies the intrinsic attributes of mankind, and as a realist I understand that as separate souls we are designed to revolve around our own egos. Perhaps it would be ungracious if we weren't.

When I kissed adolescence a resolute good-bye, this merge into an official "twenty-something" was something similar to magnificent. The smaller lessons proved to have a longer shelf-life than their larger counterparts; wake-up calls can be forgotten faster than you can comprehend. The catalyst for the actions and decisions we choose to carry-out each and every day are precipitated by some kind of force, sometimes blurry and sometimes crystal clear. Something I do know, is that I want to keep learning until the day I leave this reality.

I'm traversing - "crossing over" - the border from Neverland to somewhere somewhat tangible and the last thing I want is to forget all that growing up taught me. From what I have experienced and what I have heard and learn and seen through my eyes and your stories, I think information has the potential to trigger comprehension, which - with luck- will trigger the empathy that breathes in the root of my hope for humanity.

This is a document of my "fieldwork" and consequent findings.

XX Afifa

PS. You can listen to this too, if you like.