# 7 || im(mort)al march

Dear _____________________,

what do you do when everything is as fickle as a firefly? what to you do when you can't tell what is real and what is a figment of your hyperactive imagination? what do you do when you forget how to play by the rules? chérie, you know how easy it is to fall into that infinite hollow of doubt and disbelief. this game is about holding on to something beautiful even though you've yet to experience it. it's about looking through those rose-coloured lenses out across the sea. look at other people to see what their needs are, look to understand them. it's almost like forgetting yourself.

our task is to have an acute awareness of other people, and figure out how to demonstrate that we truly love them. because humans are doomed to forget, or destined to be distracted from what is closest to our hearts. do you long for a return to eternity in a state of purity as much as i do? we understand each other in accord with our own feelings, but you must seek to know secrets! our pleasure is limited to the sensory realm. & for many of us, this is the level at which it remains.

lately i've felt more like a mad hatter than a March hare. bon automne, mes amis. i hope you celebrate with cinnamon, vanilla and apple-flavoured magic & don't disappear completely underneath your sweaters and scarves. not for too long, anyway.