# 6 || s t o p t h e w o r l d & m e l t w i t h y o u

"Every time I look into his eyes I just want to take the ice cream or whatever I’ve got in my hand and rub it into his face. That’s how much I like him."

— Banana Yoshimoto, Goodbye Tsugumi.

images by my dear friend, andrew h.

suddenly all the sitcoms, songs and stories make sense, and my metal heart aches in a way i have never felt before. but we can get by with camera play on a hot summer day, gold-glitter nail polish and long list of things to look forward to. lmff, a potential été in northern france & adventures beaucoup. i don't believe in luck, i believe in the stars. everything could be as perfect as you can imagine it. maybe i say it tonight but not tomorrow, still - it doesn't hurt to try and document the faith that has filled me to the brim tonight.

positivity is always worth it & and perhaps patience really is a virtue. design the dream you'd love to live, sip on reali-tea & it'll fall down the rabbit hole and into place. i can't believe it's almost time to March.