# 4 || edelweiss

(images taken by a friend)

janvier has always been a curious month: a Coffee & Cigarettes, a wake-up-take-your-pills-dear, a put-me-on-a-plane-fly-me-to-anywhere . . . but we save our souls with barefeet and bike rides, Edwelweiss has flowers in her hair. i forgot how to write when i fell heart-over-head in lust, but with my sparkle learning how to twinkle brighter and brighter each day, i think i will be okay for a little while. there is more poetry in sorrow, i don't know if i wish there was as much literary magic in transcendence as there is in a dirty demise.

16 sleeps until a fleeting flight across the sea towards the tropics - i can't wait for camera play and guava juice and lotsa time with my family. coltish and coruscating, candid conversations and falling in and out of love with everybody and everything. my hair won't grow but it doesn't do to fret about things that will untangle themselves with a little encouragement and a lot of hope.

i'll never forget when she enchanted me with words in Amsterdam two years ago. everything made the most sense i thought it ever had and knew it ever would. her beautiful eyes were wider than usual as she proclaimed with all the sincerity i love her for: You've always go to have hope.